Story of inspiration


Maha Al-Hadithi inspired us in one of the seminars at pnu, but who is Maha Al-Hadithi. She  is a business leader and owns an digital marketing company . Her story began when she was in high school where she was superior and hardworking but Maha could not enter the university specialization that she wanted. She had two options computer science and English. Although she could not enter the specialization which she want  , she did not stop and  She had the skills, strength and determination that made her continue to progress. She never stopped. And she was adapt. Before the event, I was very enthusiastic. I was interested in entrepreneurship and the event was about a great entrepreneur. that changed my idea from some of my misconceptions. she manage and own a project and develop herself in a field other than its field of her specialization and now I agree with her anybody can develop its self in a different ways. For me, my specialty is accounting, but I love art and I hope to open a project for paintings and I do not think it is impossible anymore, this was my PDP  Adaptability skills. Adaptability as a skill refers to the ability of a person to change his actions, course or approach to doing things in order to suit a new situation and Its  encompasses being able to effect changes in a course of action with smoothness and timeliness(1), without any major setbacks and It is an important skill and it build in personality with experiences and is an important for the person to continue to progress in his or her professional and academic life. After graduating I worked for a company in Ghalia in the company Ghalih got experience and then moved from one company to another and one day began to read about marketing and began passionately and also did not neglect her job despite the obstacles and she has been giving importance of continuous self-learning and here is a video that tells you how can you master self learning . The importance of self-learning as a weapon of the present and the future is growing to face the ignorance,  learning in its broadest sense throughout human life, whether the source of this learning is school, The Internet or the media or through personal observations at any time and in any place, so that the human employ the skills of learning that he has acquired and acquires at all times in the development of itself and upgrade them behaviorally and cognitively. The company that she worked  wanted to Promote her as a manager but she said I would not become a manager, I’m a leader.تنزيل

She really motivated me  and I felt a lot of enthusiasm when I was presence  in the symposium and that was very important for the Listeners. Motivation is an important part of leading a group of people, especially the when you have a project. These are the most important qualities that entrepreneurs need to motivate their employees and that to increase them performance.  A leader needs to communicate in a way that makes people feel what they need to do. As a leader of a large group you have to keep in mind that people need to believe in you and know that you’re behind any given message. It’s not only what you say but truly what you feel and believe. This rule reminds all of us, and leaders in particular, that emotions are a powerful motivator or, in some cases, a de motivator. We’re social creatures who need interaction, and you use that to make points when they’re important enough. When you deliver a message face to face, it’s strikingly different than when you do some kind of mass communication. If we’re going to have impact as leaders, we have a responsibility to communicate directly, eyeball to eyeball, and with authenticity. Leadership  can be defined as a person persuading other people in a particular group and acting as role model. It role is to convince people by pursuing and achieving desired goals. To be successful, individuals must follow this method and implement it (3).


Setting a goal and a clear vision for personal planning . goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve and vision statement is an organization’s declaration of its mid-term and long-term goals. Vision statements are often confused with mission statements. Also there are many.

In conclusion, I agree with them in many aspects, but it is not easy for everyone and needs effort and perseverance to reach these goals and I think being not rush in projects will reduces risks, especially if you have a  partner with experience in the field. I think I had learn many thing from her and this will change Many things in myself there is no more important than patience and diligence and to face difficulty in something will not stop but I will look for something else and if I make mistakes I will learn from my mistake and I will not despair If I did not achieve my goal I can achieve another goal.

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For A Successful Project

If you own a project how can you keep it successful and stable there are several reasons for the failure of the project and of course, you need to avoid it and the failed experiences considered as well as studying the causes of failure of others of the most important tools of Learning in our time.

Success is not out of reach. It is also multifaceted and difficult to measure. The company can evaluate the success or failure of a development project in any (or all) of many terms, including customer satisfaction, financial return, and technical advantage. To complicate things, success can be measured not only at the individual project level but also at the program level. With many variables to consider and many stakeholders involved, managers face a difficult challenge only in deciding on measures to measure the success of product development (1).

Flat line banner of development process, from idea to realization

One of most reasons of fail is ethical values and reputation when the company doesn’t Take it seriously it’s will effect on the project it all. The ethical-risk analysis concept describes a new approach to decision-making in project management leadership takes into account ethical sources of risk for “end-users of the project”, their potential moral and social damage, adverse user feedback and subsequent risks to project development organizations, such as legal and economic risks and distrust. This paper presents a few essentials of the method of ethical risk analysis (TERAmethod), a possible way to implement ethical risk analysis, which can contribute to the development of codes of ethics and other policy frameworks and stimulate engineering that can maintain better user safety. An example of multimedia management distributed at the global level is presented, and critical issues related to the distorted use of telecommunications networks worldwide have been identified(2)

Reasons for failure (3)

  • Select a team: Wrong “start getting rid of sinful people, and cling With a good team, and make sure they put all of them in the right place. “1_sVpEiHHDkQWphC38yZywNA
  • Being the only founder of the project: It is important to look for the right partner and possess the qualities that you lack. Be candid with yourself and acknowledge that you do not have all the skills appropriate to complete the work.Project-Management
  •  You have a failing legal team: Lack of sufficient business experience in the previous team. Entrepreneurs should make sure
    Of their legal advisers
  • Trying to achieve the impossible: Are you trying to create a completely new concept? You need to
    Educating consumers about the nature of your business? You will be able to take advantage of some techniques
    Available in the market? Is it possible to cooperate with other businesses? Not
  • talking to customers: Many entrepreneurs prefer to keep their projects folded
    For fear of stealing their ideas, you can explore the opinions of consumers and listen to their suggestions and take place
    Modifications required during work. Always useful to take advantage of tips that
    They offer.
  • Frequency a lot before you start: If it is too late in the beginning you may miss the opportunity someone ahead of you to the idea or that the appropriate season for what you want to put on the market may go
  • 7) Full commitment to the original idea: Although it is important to have a clear direction for your company, you have to be smart when it comes to starting up. The conditions may change and there may be new opportunities on the horizon, and you have to be a bit flexible.
  •  Just resort to financing: when it comes to your need for money, do not rush to
    Borrow from any party without checking what this money will bring you. try to
    Your funding comes from smart and experienced investors who may also be willing to give advice
    And guidance, and may also help you identify their knowledge and benefit from their relationships
    And may also be interested in your own project, which may contribute to its success.
  •  The founder’s node: The institution may face its founder.itis syndrome during its work, especially in the case of the expansion of its activities and increasing numbers
    Its contributors, which may create some sort of conflict between the newcomers and its owner
    Work may be exacerbated if there is no clear and structured decision-making mechanism. Continue like
    These conflicts will adversely affect the performance of the project and may end in bankruptcy


  • Spend a lot of money: Many entrepreneurs think they can They do more after a certain period of time to start the project, but this is not true Completely. The economy of spending is a feature of any successful project. It is not necessary to spend without accounting for things that can be deferred like “said iOger”

I do agree that the project may have a great vision but without good organization and planning can failure.

In conclusion, there are many mistakes any project may have it and you should know the main problems that project can face to avoid it or solve it.


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Managerial Skills for the entrepreneurs

Everyone knows entrepreneurship but who knows how they become like that and do they need management skills like a manager20-fenchurch-street-architecture-buildings-34092.jpg

Thy actually do need many skills to make the company up . The skills which they need such as,

Time management: Time is money, and sometimes this ideal precise quite completely, don’t forget the employee management: it’s Required by the entrepreneur hire the best possible candidate for the job that can achieve the best results on it, and if they  are under the appropriate standard you would give them a training to improve their performance and planning their actions: Action Plan is a state official business objectives, and the way achieved, and it’s a plans to reach them goals as to has a profitable  business, and And try to find out a process and a approach then choose it  to has a creative business. portant aspects of the game and financial management are : planning , organizing , directing and controlling financial activities such as the purchase and use of the Foundation’s funds. Applying the principles of public administration to the financial resources of an institution means that finance may be the most important aspect of your business. No organization created in the history of this universe. Customer Management: CRM is a way to manage the company’s interaction with existing and potential customers. It uses analysis of customer history data with a company to improve working relationships with customers, with a particular focus on customer retention and ultimately sales growth, and everything you hope to do, revolves around how to do with your customers. Sales management is a business area that focuses on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of sales operations of the company and the environment It all . It is an important function in the field of business, such as net sales through the sale of products and services and the resulting profit leads most of the businesses that have come down in full our work to this, is measured by the success of your project quality and quantity of sales, sales process development, and coordinate sales, and implementation of sales techniques Which allows business to continuously, and even exceed, its sales targets. and here a video for David Standen,

it MBA  tells us about Entrepreneurial Skills and Tools to see it click here ا he talks in the video about that You can succeed in business a great deal if you can understand the essential characteristics of entrepreneurship and raise the efficiency. David Standen provides future entrepreneurs with the knowledge and success to has their future projects by learning the most important skills they need to become entrepreneurs. Topics include:how to innovate and seize opportunities better . Business strategies for new companies and how important action plans to succeed the new pilot of the project. , If you have the skills and confidence to start a business, you will also become more knowledgeable about how to handle the roles if your take the decision to work in your organizations. If you have complete this course, you will be able to: 1. Identify many forms and concepts of entrepreneurship. 2. Know the process of entrepreneurship and how to manage it 3. Know what it takes to be an entrepreneur and your own potential to be one. 4. Ability to innovate and evaluate the idea of your own business 5. Explain the business planning process 6. Apply approaches, initiatives and entrepreneurial approaches to your business idea 7. Learn about the problems you get for new business ventures.

these pictures Discussed Strategy skills, Planning skills , Marketing skills , Financial skills , Project management skills , Human relations  skills and prioritise

Finally , I believe that being entrepreneurship is always available and each one has its opportunity . It’s for all ages and to be entrepreneurship. you need a lot of skills to manage your project. You also need a creative way of doing business. You have to find out more about new technologies to be a strong competitor in the market. A strong relationship with customers and must continue to develop and work for the success of the project

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